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5 Ways to Use Tools as Decor

Form and Function Typically we think of using a rake for gathering fallen leaves or smoothing soil, but why can’t its function be a little less labor-intensive? It’s time to reimagine your old tools for new roles in and around the home. A New Take on Rakes Rakes, when detached from the handle and hung

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DIY Floating Deck, Part 4: Trimming Deck Boards and Rounding the Edges

I’m building a DIY floating deck in my back yard! Catch the whole thing, start to finish, right here. In this chapter, I’m covering how I trimmed all the deck board ends and rounded off the cut. Part 1: Planning & Layout Part 2: Frame & Waterproofing Part 3: Decking Part 4: that’s here! Part

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Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Appliances, alone, do not make a kitchen. But, they just might be the most important aspect of your space. After all, the kitchen’s primary function is for preparing and cooking meals.         How high-end do you want to go? Chefs and bakers who plan to use the restaurant-quality features on professional models


How to Install a CO Detector

For safety’s sake install a CO detector in your home. It’s easy and inexpensive, just follow these step-by-step directions to learn how to do the job. Step 1 : Decide the best location for the alarm Safety experts say install an alarm on each level of a multi-level home, including every bedroom, hallway, finished attic

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5 Outdoor Lighting Solutions that Scream “Spring!”

Grilling by the light of a lone tikki torch or a string of tangled Christmas lights is no way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. Here are five outdoor lighting solutions that are sure to brighten your springtime gatherings — and have your neighbors wondering how you did it. Landscape Lighting Aside from looking


How to Clean an Outdoor Air Conditioning Coil (Trane unit example)

Twice in five years I’ve cleaned my outdoor AC condenser, and both times I’ve been amazed by the amount of dirt and  leaves I’ve found. Fortunately, cleaning your outdoor coil is a task that any homeowner can accomplish, and it doesn’t take very long. A good cleaning will help your AC unit to function more efficiently, and

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How to Use a Portable Generator

Power outages are a common occurrence after a severe storm. When your power goes out and you don’t have a standby generator, a portable generator is a handy backup to provide power until electricity is restored. Learn the proper way to use a portable generator. Using a Portable Generator Unlike home standby generators, which are

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All About Electrical Wiring Types, Sizes, and Installation

Much of what you need to know for electrical repairs and remodeling involves wiring—how to identify it, how to buy it, and how to install it with proper connections. If you’re planning any electrical project, learning the basics of wiring materials and installation is the best place to start. Understanding basic wiring terminology and identifying

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Surprise Retirement Party for Mom!

On the last Friday in September, Mom retired. And we threw her a SURPRISE PARTY in my back yard! This post is going to have tons of pictures, but it’s hard to know where to start breaking things down. The idea first began because we were trying to surprise Mom by having her twin sister


Have Allergies? Make This One Change to Your Bedroom Right Now

For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, the start of spring can also mean the onset of sneezing, running noses, and puffy eyes. And while seasonal snifflers are quick to blame pollen and grasses (and for good reason), there may be another factor affecting their allergies year-round: dust mites. To learn more about the potential link between year-round

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How to Install Closet Shelf and Rod

Before You Begin A simple closet shelf and rod consists of the shelf, cleats attached to the back and side walls and a bracket to support the center of the shelf and the rod at the midpoint. Your layout, bracket position, shelf length may vary, but the principles are the same. Depending on the brackets