5 Ways to Use Tools as Decor

Form and Function

Typically we think of using a rake for gathering fallen leaves or smoothing soil, but why can’t its function be a little less labor-intensive? It’s time to reimagine your old tools for new roles in and around the home.

A New Take on Rakes

Rakes, when detached from the handle and hung upside down, make great organizers. You can hang your garden tools from one, display necklaces on it, or even use it as a wineglass rack!

C-Clamp Frame

C-Clamps, while great for securing objects together, also make excellent coat racks or bookends. On her blog Mammie Jane’s, Jane came up with the great idea to repurpose her C-clamps as a vintage photo stand.

Level Shelves

Who knew antique levels could make such picturesque shelves? Bonus: You’ll always know your shelves are straight! TOH reader Kelsey E. submitted this great idea. Old levels also make great additions to gallery walls to add a vintage touch to your design.

Repurposed Pulley

Old pulleys can be repurposed into rustic-looking lamps, planters, or almost anything, it seems. Learn how to make your own adjustable bedside sconce like the one pictured with these step-by-step instructions: How to Use a Barn Pulley to Make a Wall-Mount Light Fixture.

Or recreate a pulley as wreath-inspired decor, illustrated on the blog Organized Clutter by Carlene.

Tool Box Planter

Now that you’re left with an empty toolbox from all that repurposing, why not repurpose the toolbox itself? New and old toolboxes make great indoor or outdoor planters. It’s an easy project, very similar to TOH’s How to Make an Herb Planter from a Wagon.

Did you repurpose the contents of your toolbox to decorate your home? Comment below to tell us what you’ve done, or tweet a picture of your recent recycled-tool project to @ThisOldHouse!

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