5 Outdoor Lighting Solutions that Scream “Spring!”

Grilling by the light of a lone tikki torch or a string of tangled Christmas lights is no way to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. Here are five outdoor lighting solutions that are sure to brighten your springtime gatherings — and have your neighbors wondering how you did it.

Landscape Lighting

Aside from looking oh-so-classy, landscape lighting is perfect for outlining where your driveway ends and your yard begins. If you have a meandering or poorly lit walkway, landscape lighting can also double as an eye-catching safety measure for guests.

Hardscape Lighting

If you have an outdoor patio, shed some light on its standout features. Brick or stone bars, retaining walls and other bits of hardscaping are easily brought to life with professionally installed (or DIY-able, outdoor adhesive) lighting. Successful hardscape lighting will give you the double-take-worthy patio you’ve always wanted.

Stair Lighting

Safety and looks are usually one-or-the-other. But with staircase lighting, expect both. Illuminating your outdoor staircase adds to the allure of your patio, while eliminating potential falls — that’s pretty important when you’re carrying a platter of burgers.

String Lighting

String lighting is an easy (and affordable) way to give your backyard a splash of springtime. Hang your lights from trees, stretch them across your yard, or drape them over hedges and bushes. Regardless of how you use string lighting, it’s sure to give your backyard gatherings a movie-quality aesthetic.

Accent Lighting

Certain things exist to look fantastic — i.e., accent lighting. Use accent lighting to emphasize specific features of your home or as a focal point themselves. The LED “Ball” is the perfect accent lighting piece because of its durability and cordless design. Throw them in a pool, spread them around your backyard or arrange them with other outdoor décor to give your backyard the perfect splash of modern.

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